Loving touch, sensual and sexual is a fundamental need of all humans.

Mission & Philosophy

LoveTouch exists to encourage, educate and share ideas for loving sensual and sexual touch between consenting adults and their right to have private, intimate relationships in whatever form best meets their emotional, spiritual and physical desires and needs. Consenting adults in private should have the right to express their intimacy and sexual desires without government or society's imposing a limited set of moral values on different types of intimate relationships.

Or Mission is through education and support, to encourage a society in which all forms of consensual, adult and fulfilling relationship styles are broadly understood and are equally respected and honored as legitimate choices.

Marriage and monogamy is one of many legitimate moral options.
For married couples there’s only a 50-50 chance the marriage will be "to death do us part". Divorce rates remain near all-time highs. As many as 70% of marriages will experience "cheating" one or more times during their existence.

Recognizing the natural desire many men and women have for multiple intimate relationships, an increasing number of well-adjusted, morally responsible adults are admitting to themselves, spouses and others that they don't believe in the myth of "one man, one woman, sexually/emotionally exclusive, legally bound for life."

For example
More and more people don't think the need a marriage certificate to show their love for each other. More people delay or avoid marriage and cohabitate rather than have the legal binds of marriage for the sake of traditions. If you truly love another, why do you need a marriage certificate? There are some legal advantages to marriage, but slowly laws are being revised to recognize committed relationships as a legal alternative to marriage.

Millions of couples choose swinging where they are sexually open usually paired up with other couples as friends which often enhances and deepens the primary couple's loving relationship. But open, honest communications is needed to get over the indoctrination of society that somehow jealousy is required to love your primary partner. In reality jealousy and possessiveness is the opposite of real love. On the other hand, both people have to be honest and open about wanting to have a sexually open relationship.

In contrast to swinging where the primary relationship is often considered the only totally emotional relationship, in polyamory there are multiple, simultaneous open and honest romantic and sexually intimate relationships.

Sexwork is also a legitimate profession that in many cultures, current and historic has had many benefits. Private consenting adult sexwork (prostitution if you must use a word with negative implications of street hookers) is legal, honest and open in almost all the world except the U.S. which has morality laws that make it illegal except in the terrible government as pimp houses in outstate Nevada which is the perfect example of how NOT to "legalize" private sexwork. Instead, it should be decriminalized like in most of the world, letting women (or men) control their own bodies and businesses not the government as long as it's not solicited in public places that make it a public nuisance. There is a huge difference between the often college education private sexworker vs. the often drugged out street hooker with a pimp that is a public nuisance issue.

More recently there has been a huge upsurge in "sugar babies" usually female college students who in exchange for financial assistance, offer companionship to "sugar daddies" which usually includes consenting adult sexual pleasure sharing. 

All of these choices deserve to be legal and to have respect and social support when practiced consensually among adults

We also recognize and respect that traditional monogamous marriage is a legitimate choice just as other relationship options are legitimate choices. Learning LoveTouch ideas can enhance all types of relationships.

While our focus is on heterosexual interactions, we also support as God-given all natural sexual orientation whether gay, lesbian, bi, or straight. We support people in private interacting with others in accordance with their natural sexual orientation without legal or social discrimination. Swinging and open relationships are lifestyle choices. One's sexual orientation is innate and has nothing to do with lifestyle choice unless one is naturally bisexual and is attracted to both sexes physically to various degrees.

Respect for all Religious beliefs - but educate about many false traditions that have no historical basis.
For example, in biblical times there was nothing wrong with a man having many wives, concubines and "common" prostitutes. "Adultery" was a violation of a man's sexual property rights over his women. It was an ownership issue. A man owned his wives and concubines. A married man did not commit "adultery" if the "other women" wasn't owned by another man (single women).

Married women always committed adultery if she had sex with anyone except her husband. There is never anything in the bible wrong with a married man having sex with single women whether just single, or concubine or common prostitute. It was not until hundreds of years after Christ died that monogamy was made the only option for Christians by the Catholic Church including priests only having one wife since it was becoming so expensive for the Church to support all the offspring. Monogamy was man's tradition; it has no biblical basis, other than for the elders in the Churches of Timothy or Titus for specific reasons in those two early Church's.

In Judaism Polygyny (one husband many wives) is still practiced by non-Ashkenazi Jews, who never accepted the decrees of Rabenu Gershom (965-1023 A.D.) ending polygyny.

In Islam the Koran says, "...then marry such women as seem good to you, two, three or four..."

Escorts report that Muslim clients often cite the marriage words making the marriage valid for an hour or two. This avoids adultery for which they could be killed as the penalty. If they cite the words for a temporary marriage all is well.

In Europe and Asian, secondary marriages are common in addition to the primary marriage.

In France, there is a division on whether to have a 35-hour standard workweek.  This is said to be favored by many since it would allow more time tor husbands to visit their mistresses on the way home from work.

Regardless of religious belief, loving touch, sensual and sexual is a fundamental need and desire of humans. 

Historically Few Cultures Monogamous
Highlights from Omni Magazine 9/93: In the West, we assume the "natural condition" is monogamy, with significant investment in offspring by the husband/father. But a worldwide sample of over 1,500 human cultures strongly argues that the vast majority either encourage or at least tolerate polygyny - several women married to a single man. In most cultures, women would be furious if a law were passed that decreed they could not become the second, third, or sixth wife of a wealthy, high-status male when the alternative was a monogamous union with a poor, low-status male. High-status males almost always have numerous wives and lowest status the fewest. Clearly, culture makes a huge difference.

Time Magazine August 15, 1994, features a very extensive article "Infidelity - It may be in our genes" which confirms the unnaturalness of trying to be monogamous.

In another study, nearly 1,000 of the 1,154 past or present human societies ever studied have been non-monogamous (either polygyny or polyandry). For a more thorough discussion see "History of Marriage systems," by G.R. Quale, or some of the many other scientific, historic references available.

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